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Lichdom: Battlemage Free Game Giveaway and Gameplay

Lichdom: Battlemage - cover

Lichdom: Battlemage is an upcoming first-person experience. I do not want to call it a shooter because there are zero guns in the game. It is also different from your standard RPG because your character has no MP to worry about, nor is there any cooldown after spells are cast. Unlimited magic with unlimited use; the only limitation is your imagination because you have to create the spells that you will utilize in the game. This is the game that Leroy Jenkins dreamed of when he got his party killed. Watch the trailer to get a real feel for how the game plays and then head over their Twitter page. The way the contest works is that every Friday and 9 A.M. Eastern Time, a new video will be released that asks a question to the viewer. The video in this post has the first question. What you will do is answer the question in a tweet to Maximum Games between the Friday the video releases up until the next video comes out. For full details, visit Maximum Games' website for Lichdom: Battlemage and make sure you enter the contest – there is nothing to lose.