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Slick’s Quick Hits: Zenith

Zenith - boss fight

Zenith is an action-RPG coming to PS4, Steam and Xbox One this year. It is a humorous romp through a world where wizards do everything, including ruining said world. Of course you are a wizard and you have to fix the messy state of affairs the world is in. Choc full of humor and pop culture references, Zenith is looking to be a lighthearted game that you can truly enjoy. The trailer subtly shows parody cameos of everything from Shrek to Star Wars while also showing a fast-paced battle system. Zenith got the go ahead on Steam Greenlight in only seven days with over two hundred positive responses. Developed by Infinigon Games and published by BadLand Indie, Zenith is set to release during the second quarter of the year. As more information becomes available, you can bet that R.A.G.E. Works will bring it to you.