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Look a 3DS……Didn’t see that coming

Speculation has become a reality as Nintendo unveiled their new 3DS which utilizes a unique 3D presentation that doesn’t require 3D glasses.Check out some of the great footage of Nintendo’s newest cash cow.

The 3DS is a powerful piece of portable hardware that plans to sit atop the portable gaming mountain for quite some time. Here are some of things you will be seing in the newest Nintendo handheld.

  • Three Cameras- Two on the outer casing and one above the top screen
  • Cartridge slot for 3DS & DS games. You will also have an SD card slot
  • Wi-fi is inluded and will update the device in sleep mode
  • Controls- Touch-screen as always,analog stick aka slide pad as well as a motion sensor,gyro sensor
  • 3D control slider- Will allow the player to reduce or even disable 3D effects
  • 4 inch stylus
  • Parental controls

Video Credit: Game Trailers

Photo & Spec list credit: Kotaku

Founder | Editor in Chief
  1. I complain because I’m the opposite of an ignorant fanboy of the masses. I refuse to be one of those people who will flock to the newest thing and ignore the flaws. I play devil’s advocate because I’m a skeptic for most things and somewhat of a cynic.

    That being said, Nintendo isn’t flawless. They have a great track record, but they also have a history of pissing off the fans too. GBA slot anyone?

  2. Ant, why do you complain about EVERYTHING? What you just complained about is already addressed in the DSi & XL, which ia larger version. The power button is on the front of the DSi and I have never, ever accidentally turned off my game. In fact, a single touch would only reset to the main DS menu. You have to hold down for 3 seconds to turn off. As for the design, Nintendo has an excellent handheld track record, I am sure the analog was well thought out. I like the look of this portable and I have high hopes for it if they will have Mario, DK, Fox and Zelda at launch (just going by trailer)

  3. There’s a few things they need to change…

    1) Single analog didn’t work for PSP, so why would it work for DS?
    2) The start, select, and home buttons BETTER be hard to press. I don’t wanna touch them and have my game quit whenever I use the touch screen.
    3) I can already see myself pressing the power button with the butt of my thumb during gameplay.
    4) Bring back GBA slot!

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