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Marvel Comics First Look: Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies #1

Cartoon of a Marvel robot talking.
Cartoon of a Marvel robot talking.

What happens when unstoppable Ultron army squares off against Marvel's undead heroes and villains? Fans will find out in June!

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Unstoppable Armies Clash on Battleworld in

New York, NY—May 26th, 2015— In the southern wastes of Battleworld, a never ending battle rages on. Two unholy factions of cold machines and rotting zombies wage war for supremacy. Today, their conflict reaches another level of horror in your new look AGE OF ULTRON VS. MARVEL ZOMBIES #1! Eisner award-winning writer James Robinson and critically acclaimed artist Steve Pugh take you beyond the Shield – and show you a new reason to fear! Here, on the far side of Battleworld’s impenetrable barrier, all hope is lost. These festering wastes on the border between two domains are where the genocidal robotic armies of Ultron fight the endless hordes of flesh-eating corpses. Pity those poor souls trapped between these unstoppable forces, for their demise is definitely assured! Will you choose death by the super-powered living dead? Or by an unending army of indestructible, undefeatable robots? One thing is for certain, neither demise will be quick or painless!

The Vision, Wonder Man, Jim Hammond, and more brave these apocalyptic hellscapes in search of sanctuary, and for survival. Can they make it out alive? One thing is for certain, whoever wins – we lose. Don’t miss the explosive first issue of AGE OF ULTRON VS. MARVEL ZOMBIES #1 on sale this June!

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