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The Rush Hour TV Series Gets A Trailer And It’s ….

Over the last few months I have mentioned that a Rush Hour TV series is heading our way courtesy of Brett Ratner and it looks like we finally got a trailer courtesy of our friend Kelly Miller from Martial Arts Movie Junkie.

I said on air that this was going to either be really good much like Sammo Hung‘s Martial Law or extremely bad and this trailer definitely leans toward the extremely bad category because it tries too hard to use every fish out of water gag from the film instead of creating something fresh.

I'll watch a few episodes just to give it a chance and see if it improves, but I see it being an uphill battle.  The Rush Hour series has not been relevant in quite some time and even when it was the popularity was brief at best since every sequel got progressively worse.

What did you think of the trailer and what would you change if anything? Share your thoughts in the comments.