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Marvel Comics First Look: Captain America #25

What would happen if Steve Rogers could no longer be Captain America? Who would be his replacement? It looks like fans are about to find out since Steve Rogers was drained of the Super Soldier serum and is now a frail old man unable to carry on the mantle of Captain America. He now must choose a successor to don the red, white and blue and while longtime  fans will have a relatively short list it looks like some returning characters will muddy the waters and make the choice far more challenging. Are fans ready for a new Captain America that is not Steve Rogers? This October it looks like all will be revealed and a new Captain America will rise to challenge the Red Skull and Arim Zola as the Dimension Z invasion begins.

Who would you like to see as the next Captain America? While I liked Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier as Captain America I think a better fit would be Sam Wilson aka Falcon. I guess we'll have to wait till October to see who becomes the new Captain.


CAPTAIN AMERICA #25 Asks – Who Is The New Captain America?

This October, bear witness to the next exciting phase of the Marvel Universe, as the torch is passed and a new hero will rise. Today, Marvel is proud to officially unveil the cover to CAPTAIN AMERICA #25 – the extra sized issue from chart-topping writer Rick Remender and the epic finale to The Tomorrow Soldier arc. Remender and artist Carlos Pacheco will have fans on the edge of their seat and have the whole comic industry asking – ‘Who is the All-New Captain America’?


Steve Rogers is a frail, broken man. Drained of the Super Soldier serum by a fearsome new enemy, he can no longer wield the shield as Captain America. The mind willing, but the body unable – the Sentinel of Liberty must choose his successor. But who will carry the mantle?


“The choice he has before him as to who he’s going to select as his replacement seems very simple at this point – it’s a short list – but we’re revealing a number of characters in #23 who’ve been gone for a while, that decision gets a little trickier,” says Remender in an interview with Marvel.com.


Elaborating on the new Captain America, Remender said “It offers up a lot of new drama as well as getting to tell Captain America stories with an entirely different character, a character I have a real affinity for and like to write. I think fans will dig what we’ve got coming up.”


The Red Skull and Zola have joined forces and the invasion by Dimension Z has begun. In the shadow of the coming storm, a new Captain America will rise – but who will pick up the shield and fill the void Steve Rogers left behind? Find out when history is made this October in the super-soldier-sized CAPTAIN AMERICA #25!



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