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Rocket Raccoon #1 & Star Lord #1 Get Second Printings

Guardians of the Galaxy is a month away but everything related to the film is red-hot. Marvel launched Rocket Raccoon and Star Lord books yesterday and they have been flying off the shelves especially the variants.  Marvel announced that second printings of both Rocket Raccoon #1 and The Legendary Star-Lord #1 will hit comic shops on July 30th. Grab your copy now if you can since the both books are quite good.




Everyone is talking about Rocket Raccoon #1 and The Legendary Star-Lord #1! Not only do both highly anticipated series hit comic shops today, but Marvel is proud to announce that less than 24 hours after launch both first issues have sold out at the distributor level! Though both titles may still be available at retail level, both first issues will immediately head back for second printings!


The high-flying solo adventures of two of the galaxy’s most formidable guardians already have critics raving about these exciting first issues. Here’s what some of them had to say:


“I wish more mainstream comics were like this,”
– Comics Alliance, on Rocket Raccoon #1


“…a great first issue. Run, don’t walk to your local comic shop to get a copy”

– ComicBook.com, on The Legendary Star-Lord #1


“…a near-perfect piece of cartoon fiction” 
– Newsarama, on Rocket Raccoon #1


“…exactly the type of fun-loving adventure filled with gorgeous art that readers look for”

– Comic Book Resources, on The Legendary Star-Lord #1


“Skottie Young may have just written (and drawn) the perfect Rocket Raccoon comic”

– Nerdist, on Rocket Raccoon #1


“The legend of Star-Lord is in safe hand with Humphries”
– Comic Vine, on The Legendary Star-Lord #1


Critics and fans have spoken – Rocket Raccoon & The Legendary Star-Lord are poised to take the industry by storm! You do not want to miss the start of these two new books as they blast out of the gate with explosive first issues. And don’t miss the second printings of Rocket Raccoon #1 and The Legendary Star-Lord #1 when they return to comic shops later this month!