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Marvel Comics First Look: Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic: Mace Windu #1

StarWars MaceWindu001Cvr

Jesus Saiz | Variant Covers: Rahzzah, Javier Rodriguez (Homage Variant), Russell Dauterman (Stars Wars 40th Anniversary Variant), Animation & Movie Variant Covers also available.
Artist: Denys Cowan
Release Date: August 23, 2017

Mace Windu get the spotlight in Marvel's upcoming five issue mini-series and sheds some additional light on the wielder of the purple lightsaber.

My Take: Mace Windu is one of the many characters introduced in the prequels who I always felt had to have a cool backstory and while some of it has played out across different series and shows it is good to see Marvel giving Windu his own series to star in even if it's a limited one. I'd love to see a spinoff film focusing on Windu with Sam Jackson reprising the role. Let's see if the book fuels that demand.

Check out the variant covers for Mace Windu #1 below.

Show Press Release

The Jedi’s Greatest Warrior Charges Into Battle – Marvel Comics Announces STAR WARS: JEDI OF THE REPUBLIC – MACE WINDU #1!
Matt Owens and Denys Cowan bring you an all-new tale about Mace Windu

New York, NY—May 18, 2017—The Jedi have always been the galaxy’s peacekeepers…but with the Clone Wars on the horizon, all that is about to change. This August, writer Matt Owens (Elektra) will team with artist Denys Cowan (Nighthawk, Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers) to unveil the exciting story of one of the Jedi’s greatest warriors in STAR WARS: JEDI OF THE REPUBLIC – MACE WINDU #1!

One of the most accomplished and storied members of the Jedi High Council, his wisdom and combat prowess are legendary. Now, in this new story, readers will get to see Mace Windu lead his Jedi into battle…and face the ultimate test of leadership!

“No matter how well trained for battle the Jedi are, having to actually put those skills to use is another thing entirely. The preferred tools of the Jedi are diplomacy, harmony, education, peace. Now they find themselves leading troops on battlefields across the galaxy,” said series writer Matt Owens. “They’re going to have a lot of thoughts about this. Is this really the way to peace? Is this the position I should be taking? Is this really the path the Jedi should be walking down. Doubt is understandable, but what each individual does with that doubt is very telling of who they are and where they will end up.”

Don’t be surprised if you see familiar faces of fan favorites, which Owens promises “will feel like an organic part of the tapestry of the Star Wars universe.” This August, May the Force Be With You when Marvel releases STAR WARS: JEDI OF THE REPUBLIC – MACE WINDU #1, available wherever comics are sold!


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