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Marvel Comics First Look: All-New X-Men #32

Miles Morales starts making his presence felt in the 616 universe and the X-Men are scattered across the Ultimate Marvel universe. Needless to say all hell breaks loose as villains from the Ultimate Marvel universe seek to capitalize on these players. How will it affect both 616 and Ultimate universes? We'll find out in September.

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Face to Face With Miles Morales – Your First Look at ALL-NEW X-MEN #32!

Welcome to the All-New X-Men, Miles Morales – hope you survive the experience! Today, Marvel is proud to offer your first look at ALL-NEW X-MEN #32, from superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis and new ongoing artist & Marvel All-New Young Gun Mahmud Asrar! Dimension hopping has become a rite of passage for the X-Men and the All-New X-Men are no exception! Stranded and scattered across the Ultimate Universe, the All-New X-Men must find their way back to each other if they have any hope of finding their way back home! Thankfully, they might get a little help from the one and only Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales! But some of the Ultimate Universe’s heaviest hitting villains might have a thing or two to say about that! Don’t miss the story that will have everyone talking when ALL-NEW X-MEN #32 swings into comic shops this September!

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