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Marvel Comics First Look: Thanos Annual #1

First Look at the cover of Thanos Annual #1 by Marvel Comics.
First Look at the cover of Thanos Annual #1 by Marvel Comics.

Thanos Annual #1 
Written by: Donny Cates, Kieron Gillen, Al Ewing, Ryan North, Christopher Hastings, Katie Cook
Art by: Geoff Shaw, Katie Cook, Frazier Irving
Release Date: April 25, 2018

The current Thanos series has been a subject of much discussion amongst comic book fans for a few reasons with the first being the quality of the story followed by the introduction of Cosmic Ghost Rider. The identity of Cosmic Ghost Rider was recently revealed and fans were shocked by the revelation. You're going to be getting a lot more of Cosmic Ghost Rider in the upcoming Thanos Annual. If you check out Thanos #15 you'll see a panel where the Rider peers into Thanos's mind. The annual digs deeper into that journey and showcases some of the terrible things the rider saw lurking in the mind of the Mad Titan.  The book brings together a variety of artists and writers to bring these visions to life.

My Take: Marvel's increased focus on Thanos can easily be attributed to the Mad Titan's big screen debut later this year but the stories and use of the character have been incredibly well executed. If you want to get a good understanding of the character's motivations I feel the current series does a stellar job.  While this is a Thanos story it is also a great way to showcase Cosmic Ghost Rider and see what makes that character tick as well. Annuals have always been a mixed bag but this may be one that needs to be on your radar.

Check out the cover for Annual below.


Will you be picking this up?

Show Press Release

The Cosmic Ghost Rider Takes You on a Twisted Journey in THANOS ANNUAL #1!

New York, NY—January 30, 2018—It’s the Cosmic Ghost Rider’s time to shine.

This April, in an all-new story, some of Marvel’s most acclaimed writers and artists join superstar team Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw to help Cosmic Ghost Rider narrate all of Thanos’ heinous exploits. And who better to guide you through such deeds than the newest twisted ally to enter the Marvel Universe?

“In issue #15 of Thanos, we see the Rider get a look into Thanos’s mind. In this annual, he tells us about some of the horrors he found in the dark corners of it,” teases series editor Jordan D. White. “Donny is, of course, contributing, and we’re both pumped about the TWISTED stories that folks have been pitching in for the Mad Titan.”

“I am so excited to delve further into the Mad Titan and his Cosmic Ghost Rider…friend, and this Annual is a murderer’s row of talent that is not to be missed!” adds Cates. “Come and explore the worst deeds Thanos has ever performed…but uh…don’t plan on sleeping anytime soon!”

Don’t miss the series that Comic Watch has raved is “the Mad Titan in all his power-hungry glory” – and don’t miss THANOS ANNUAL #1 when it hits comic shops this April!