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Marvel Comics First Look: The Marvels #1

Written By
Kurt Busiek
Art By
Yildiray Cinar
Cover Art By
Alex Ross

The Marvel Universe and its vast assortment of heroes are at Kurt Busiek's disposal for a brand new series debuting later this year aptly titled Marvels. This new series intends on touch upon every aspect of the Marvel Universe. Whether its Spider-Man or the Fantastic Four or even someone like the Punisher they will have a role to play in this new series. Busiek says the series can “go anywhere, do anything and use any character from the Marvel Universe”.

“Big stuff can happen in the Marvel Universe, but we usually see it confined largely to the Avengers in AVENGERS, to the FF in FANTASTIC FOUR, and so on” said Busiek. The Marvels series hopes to change that when it hits shelves in May.

Check the cover art for Marvels #1 below with the artistic talents of the legendary Alex Ross.

Plot Synopsis: Kurt Busiek (MARVELS, Astro City) is back, with the biggest, wildest, most sprawling series ever to hit the Marvel Universe, telling stories that span the decades and range from cosmic adventure to intense human drama, from the street-level to the cosmic, starring literally anyone from Marvel’s very first heroes to the superstars of tomorrow. This first issue includes an invasion from orbit, a picnic in Prospect Park, superhero sightseeing in Manhattan, the All-Winners Squad in 1947, Reed Richards during his time in military intelligence, cosmic beings beyond space and time— and that’s only for starters. Featuring Captain America, Spider-Man, the Punisher, the Human Torch, Storm, the Black Cat, the Golden Age Vision, Aero, Iron Man, and Thor, and introducing two brand-new characters, all beautifully drawn by Yildiray Cinar (X-MEN, Legion of Super-Heroes, IRON MAN) in the opening act of a thriller that’ll take us across the Marvel Universe…and beyond. Plus: Who (or what) is KSHOOM? It all starts here. And it goes…everywhere.

My Take: Kurt Busiek is a legendary talent and Marvel seems to have given carte blanche on this series and I think we're not only going to get some amazing stories but I feel this will yield a more cohesive overall Marvel Universe. I expect a ton of variants on deck in addition to the Ross piece. Will you folks be picking this up when it arrives in May? Let us know in the comments and/or on social.

Show Press Release


New York, NY— February 10, 2020 — “Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.” That’s how acclaimed writer Kurt Busiek describes his new ongoing series, THE MARVELS. Alongside artists Yildiray Cinar and Alex Ross, MARVELS will be the most sprawling series ever to hit the Marvel Universe where any characters can show up for adventures that can and will take them anywhere! With the entire Marvel Universe at its disposal, this expansive series will feature everyone from the Marvel Universe’s first heroes to its latest superstars.

“The whole idea of THE MARVELS is to be able to use the whole Marvel Universe — not just all the characters in it, but all the history of it. The sweeping scope of the whole thing,” Busiek said in an interview with marvel.com. “Big stuff can happen in the Marvel Universe, but we usually see it confined largely to the Avengers in AVENGERS, to the FF in FANTASTIC FOUR, and so on. THE MARVELS is intended as a freewheeling book that can go anywhere, do anything, use anyone. It’s a smorgasbord of Marvel heroes and history. It’s not a team. It’s a concept, or a universe, depending on how you look at it. THE MARVELS features the marvels — all the many and varied characters of the Marvel Universe. The heroes, the villains, the oddities — all of it. There’ll be popular characters of today, there’ll be obscure characters from long ago — heck, there’ll be story threads that take place in the past, or possibly the future. We’re not limited to just the present. And there’ll be new characters, too, from the street-level to the cosmic. There are three new marvels in the first issue, although a couple of them are only seen for a panel or so. But we’ll get back to them. I’d say “the sky’s the limit,” except in the Marvel Universe, there’s a lot going on beyond that sky. And it’s all open to us.”

For the full interview and a first look at the debut issue, visit marvel.com. Be sure to pick up this one of a kind series when it hits stand in May!