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Tears of Avia Announcement Trailer

Tears of Avia is an upcoming turn-based, strategy RPG. It will launch this summer for Steam and Xbox One. Set in the world of Estera, players will embark on an all-new adventure to find the lost city of Avalon. This summer you can engage on a Microsoft-exclusive journey of love and redemption. Tears of Avia will definitely be an RPG to watch this year.

Tears of Avia - magic attack
Brutal attack magic
About Tears of Avia

A darkness looms over the land of Estera. Ancient cities lost to betrayal tell of unlearned lessons and hint of a great evil that has lain dormant for hundreds of years. As the drums of war resound once more, the faint light of hope grows small… but there is still hope. Undo an ancient curse and find the path through the darkness. You must restore peace to the world once again before the shadows consume everything.

Tears of Avia - chapel

Create a party with up to five heroes, choose your favorite skills, and equip them with the best gear. Unique abilities can be gained from both a character's class as well as the weapon you equip. Figuring out the best combination of abilities and finding the right synergy between party members is just as important as your tactics in combat itself. Explore the world and experiment with new skills as you seek to save Estera.

For more information, head over to the Tears of Avia website.