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Marvel Comics First Look: Thunderbolts #1

The Thunderbolts are reborn for Marvel Now and the roster is probably one of the best thus far.  Led by “Thunderbolt” Ross aka Red Hulk this team has some of  Marvel’s most dangerous and volatile character. When you have a lunatic like Deadpool mixed in with ticking timebomb like Venom it’s only a matter of time before things get crazy. The real interesting member though is the Punisher since he’s not really a team oriented guy and has a long history of not playing well with others. Elektra has always been hit or miss for me depending on who is writing her character but I am sure she’ll fit in quite well.  As with all books in the Marvel Now! series you will be able to access special features via augmented reality with Marvel’s AR AppDaniel Way and Steve Dillion have a hit on their hands and I really hope they deliver as the Thunderbolts have always been a great read. We’ll find out this December.

How do you guys feel about this roster?  Anyone you would prefer to see involved?