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Marvel Comics First Look: Venom #150

The mesmerizing cover of Venom.
The mesmerizing cover of Venom.

Cover: Gerardo Sandoval | Variant Covers: Mark Bagley (Remastered Variant & Sketch Variant), Clayton Crain, Gabriele Dell'Otto, Adam Kubert, James Stokoe, Skottie Young
Artists: Tradd Moore, Gerardo Sandoval, Ron Lim | Writers: Mike Costa, Robbie Thompson, David Michelinie
Release Date: May 24, 2017

Eddie Brock and the symbiote are reunited once more but will their union be as strong as it once was or will the symbiote's mistrust put him at odds with Brock.  The classic Venom we all know and love and the restored numbering usher in this oversized anniversary issue.

My Take: There is a lot of questions many fans have particularly how did Flash lose the symbiote and what led it to Lee Pace which will be answered in this huge issue. I have and always will be a Venom fan and while I liked Flash as Agent Venom there in nothing more iconic than Brock being in the suit either as a lethal protector or a villain. Welcome back, Eddie! We've missed you!

Check out the variant covers as well as a sneak peek at issue #150 below.

Show Press Release

Eddie Brock is Back – Your First Look At The Oversized VENOM #150!
Oversized Anniversary Spectacular!

New York, NY—April 26th, 2017 — Reunited, and it feels so good! Or, is it bad? Either way, you swing it, Eddie Brock is back, and he’s bonding with the symbiote once more in May’s can’t-miss VENOM #150 – the oversized anniversary issue! Series writer Mike Costa is joined by superstar guest artist Tradd Moore for an extended main story featuring Eddie’s return to the pages of Venom. Bonded together again, Eddie and the symbiote are web-slinging their way across New York City. But, is their relationship as harmonious as it once was? Or is their bond more sinister than ever?

But that’s not all! In addition to a brutal main feature from Costa & Moore, VENOM #150 features the return of iconic past Venom creators! First up, because you asked for it – secrets will be revealed! How did Flash Thompson come to lose the symbiote before it found its way to former Army Ranger Lee Price? The Venom: Space Knight creative team of Robbie Thompson and Gerardo Sandoval have the answers! Then, it’s back to the mean streets of San Francisco as fan-favorite creators David Michelinie and Ron Lim present a tale set between the pages of their iconic Venom: Lethal Protector series!

This May, it’s good to be bad. Be there as a parade of Venom creators past and present take everyone’s favorite symbiote into the future! Don’t miss VENOM #150 – available May 24th digitally and wherever comics are sold!