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Hasbro Announces New X-Men Marvel Legends Two Pack

X-Men Marvel Legends Rogue and Pyro action figure Two Pack by Hasbro.
Release Date
November 1, 2020
Marvel Legends
Suggested Retail Price
Pre-Order Marvel’s Rogue and Pyro Two Pack

With Disney's acquisition of Fox and the return of the X-Men to the Disney fold, Hasbro's Marvel Legends line has been pushing the X-Men brand heavily. Earlier today, Hasbro unveiled the latest additions to the Marvel Legends X-Men line, and both characters are long time fan favorites. The X-Men's Rogue and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants mainstay Pyro are the latest characters to debut in figure form for the Marvel Legends line.

The announced two-pack will include both six-inch figures along with six accessories comprised of alternate heads and hands as well as fire effects for the Pyro figure. The two-pack is currently up for pre-order starting today at and Entertainment Earth. Check out the gallery below for a detailed look at the set.

The suggested retail price for the Rogue and Pyro two-pack will be $49.99 and it is expected to ship in November.

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