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Hasbro Unveils A New She-Hulk Figure Just In Time For Her Upcoming New Show

As Marvel and Disney double down on Disney+ to expand the MCU, we learned of many new shows on the horizon, and the one I am most excited about is She-Hulk starring Tatiana Maslany. For those not familiar with She-Hulk and her alter ego, Jennifer Walters, a quick bit of background.

Jennifer Walters is an attorney and cousin of Bruce Banner. After suffering an injury, she needed an emergency blood transfusion, which she received from Bruce. As a result of the transfusion, Jennifer developed a version of Bruce's condition, albeit a milder case, that allowed her to retain her personality, intelligence, and most of her emotional control. However, much like her cousin, she can rage out and which, of course, makes her stronger. Over the years, the transformation was retconned to be permanent.

She-Hulk has been a member of various teams in the Marvel Universe, including the Fantastic Four, Avengers, Heroes for Hire, and even the Defenders, to name a few. Three of those four teams currently have a presence in the MCU, with the Fantastic Four joining that list. While She-Hulk is known for her heroics, she also is a damn good lawyer too.

With that little bit of backstory out of the way lets get to the figure that Hasbro announced which comes in at 6 inches tall and includes an alternate pair of hands and an angry head.

The current MSRP for figure directly from Hasbro Pulse will be $22.99 and is currently available for pre-order with a limit of two per customer. She-Hulk is estimated to ship in August but of course, that can change to earlier or later. You can pre-order yours here.