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Masters of the Universe X Gary Vee? The Collab You Didn’t Know You Needed

Masters of the Universe: Skeletor x Gary Vee Collab.
Masters of the Universe: Skeletor x Gary Vee Collab.

If you follow Gary Vaynerchuk currently or have in the past, you know Gary has a soft spot for old-school 70's-80's stuff, whether it be cartoons, collectibles, or even pro wrestling. Watching his episodes, you can always spot some cool collectibles and knick-knacks from that era. Gary's Vee Friends are coming to Mattel, and while you're probably thinking it'll be Gary Vee action figures or a D-Rock filming playset, it is actually a collaboration with one of my favorite childhood properties, Masters of the Universe.

What's The Collab?

The collaboration will involve the recently created Vee Friends, a brainchild of Gary's that leans into his highly publicized messages of positivity and kindness. Masters of the Universe baddie Skeletor will meet Vee Friend's Skilled Skeleton, and while the collaboration is something no MOTU or Gary Vee fan expected, the end result is pretty cool with an action figure two-pack of Skeletor and Skilled Skeleton.

Source: Mattel

Available exclusively through Mattel's Creations site, this two-pack gives you a very cool Filmation-era version of Skeletor along with Skilled Skeleton and tons of accessories. Skeletor includes three swappable heads, five swappable hands, a flex chain, his trademark hood, and armor, as well as his Sword of Power and Havoc Staff accessories. Skilled Skeleton has six swappable hands, a hood, and armor, much like Skeletor. Skilled Skeleton glows in the dark. Both figures include “heart” and “rock” hands and over 16 points of articulation.

Source: Mattel

The packaging is equally cool, with a sliding slipcover and the trademark MOTU mini-comic.

Where Can I Pre-order The Skeletor & Skilled Skeleton 2-Pack?

The two-pack will only be available directly through Mattel, and you can pre-order it here. It is expected to ship on or before February 29, 2024, and will cost you $45.00. Note that there is a three-per-order limit, and if it follows the trend of other Vee Friends or MOTU exclusives, it will go fast.

The Filmation version of Skeletor is a fan favorite, and it is cool to see it being used in this collaboration. What do you think of this collaboration?