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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Comes to the Switch

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a cinematic fairy-tale adventure perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Where Scandinavian storytelling meets a colorful 2.5D platformer; Max offers perspective players classic jump and run gameplay, smart and innovative puzzles and a fun and unique gameplay mechanic to boot.

Adventurers must unleash the power of the Magic Marker as they embark on this classic tale of brotherhood to rescue Max’s kid brother Felix from the grasps of the evil lord Mustacho; explore a world filled to the brim with challenging physics puzzles and frantic platforming; climb, fight and draw their way through deserts, lantern-lit bogs, ancient temples and lush-green-forests; and raise great pillars of dirt from the ground to reach new heights, grow trees to make bridges and create swinging vines to cross gaping chasms.

Previously released for the Xbox One, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and digitally on Switch, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood received high praise – with fans and critics calling the game “a charming experience from beginning to end”. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is rated E10+. Available now through physical and digital channels.