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McFarlane Toys Unveils Classic Batman Figure Line For Target

Since getting the DC Comics license, our friends at McFarlane Toys have delivered wave after wave of great DC heroes and villains action figures in both animated and comic form. Beginning next month, the line will get a shot of classic, campy Batman goodness as the Batman Classic TV series debuts in the DC line. The line will be a Target exclusive, and its release will tie into Target's month-long Summer Geek-Out event, which celebrates geek culture and fandom.

The 6-inch figure line's first wave will consist of Batman, Robin, and the Joker plus a classic Batmobile and Batcave playset, which you can pre-order right here. The figures will have an MSRP of $17.99 and will available at your local Target starting next month and via Target online in September. Check out all the figures and accessories below and let us know which ones you will be adding to your collection.