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MTR Rewind: My Take Radio Episode 92- Hip Hop Gamer Visits MTR

For our 92nd episode I had the pleasure of interviewing  one of the most interesting personalities I have met from the gaming journalism community. Gerard Williams aka Hip Hop Gamer is the personification of a larger than life persona being the driving force in his ascension to the top of the gaming journalism community. During his time on the show we discussed a broad range of topics from his work with Sony to his hardships in being taken seriously as a journalist. I was one hundred percent honest when I said that I was expecting a sideshow attraction before I met him at the DualShockers Game Day. Upon meeting Gerard I came to realize that his passion for gaming and his persona are tailor-made for this type of work.He is professional, eloquent and above all else hungry to be a player in the video game community. For those of you that shy away from this talented individual due to his hip hop persona need to look at his body of work and also speak to him to see that there is more to Gerard than just being Hip Hop Gamer. Check out this episode of MTR and learn a bit more about the Hip Hop Gamer.

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You can follow Hip Hop Gamer on Twitter and also visit his website for gaming news and for the Hip Hop Gamer Show.


MTR wants to thank HHG for coming on and sharing a bit of himself with our listeners.