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MTR Rewind: My Take Radio Episode 91-Competitive Gaming Spotlight


I know I am a bit behind on these but our guest episodes need to be spotlighted.  I had the pleasure of speaking to diverse group of competitive gamers and personalities.  We discussed the negative stigma associated with eSports and what steps are being taken to bring this very profitable side of gaming to the forefront. Our guests were

  • Roberto Bayde aka R0bskii- Roberto besides being a competitive gamer and now coach is also the mind behind R0bskiiTV on YouTube which spotlights tech and gaming. Rob shared a lot of personal insight into his gaming life and also announced that R0bskii TV will be undergoing some changes that gamers will appreciate.
  • Alex Mendez aka Goldenboy- I had the privilege of meeting Alex during the DualShockers event and was impressed by his great color commentary skills during the gaming competition held at the event. Alex is also a competitive gamer and member of team Fear Pro
  • Stephen Consentino- Stephen is a jack of all trades. Besides being the founder of Unveil NYC he is also a competitive gamer and captain of Team Unveil. Stephen was able to provide great insight into being a pro gamer but also the business side that is involved. Unveil NYC sponsors gamers and has an incredibly diverse profile with music,clothing being part of their brand.

In speaking with all three of these guys I gained a greater understanding of eSports culture and the hard work that goes into competitive gaming. The incredible opportunities that present themselves to these guys is something many gamers would envy. Free gear, five and six figure payouts, sponsorships and of course recognition in gaming circles worldwide are definitely incentives to take your gaming to another level. Before speaking to these guys my understanding of eSports was limited and mostly negative due to some egocentric individuals I’ve come across that left a poor impression on me. I can proudly say I will support eSports as best as I can. I say this not only as a media outlet but as a gamer as well.


If have any questions or are contemplating entering eSports I recommend you hit these guys up on twitter. They are friendly and are doing their part to make gaming better and more inviting for everyone.





If you are a gaming and tech enthusiast make sure you check out R0bskiiTV as well.


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