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MTR Rewind: My Take Radio Episode 89- Pure Fight Gear / UFC 129 Panel


For our 89th episode we discussed UFC 129 and gave our predictions for the card. I had the pleasure of being joined by Gary Friedman and Spilled Bag Of Ice from MMA Gospel as well as Devin for Pur Fight Gear.

Devin shared his message with our MTR listeners regarding the agenda Pure Fight Gear has and how they are using MMA to enrich at risk youth not only with keeping them off the street but in a way paving a road for the future stars of mixed martial arts. I had been in communication for months with Devin and his partner Jonathan because I wanted to spread their message and give our fans the opportunity to help a great cause. Every cent PFG make goes towards making a difference. Their transparency is truly remarkable as you have the opportunity to see your contributions at work with constant updates and videos.  But I can sit here and blab about their mission or I can just share the mission directly from them.

Pure Fight Gear is a first of its kind, non-profit MMA apparel brand, directly benefiting mixed martial arts through sales of Pure Fight Gear.  Pure Fight Gear provides the opportunity for you the fans to make a difference to the sport.  Every time you purchase Pure Fight Gear, 100% of the net proceeds directly benefit the sport of mixed martial arts by supporting its next generation. We believe we can make a positive impact for the sport we love by offering at-risk youth the opportunity to get involved and become empowered with the qualities of discipline, enhanced self esteem and respect that mixed martial arts provides.



I see a lot of organizations out there doing their part but I commend Devin and Jonathan for using an unconventional approach to help MMA and also to protect our kids. I am proud to wear a Pure Fight Gear shirt and be one of many who did something for a good cause. MTR salutes you for your great work keep it up.  To learn more about Pure Fight Gear check out the following links

Twitter- @PureFightGear

Website- PureFightGear.org

Facebook- Facebook.com/PureFightGear


If you want to check out or friends at MMA Gospel make sure to hit up their site and also the following links

Gary Friedman ( Twitter)- MMA_Gospel_Gary

Spilled Bag Of Ice ( Twitter)-SpilledBagOfIce

also you can follow MMA Gospel on Twitter.

MMA Gospel broadcasts live every Wednesday at 8:30 pm est on Blog Talk Radio.


You can catch the full episode below.

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