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My Take On: Blue Mountain State

As a woman, I pride myself on being able to hang “with the boys” in regards to my ability to watch stuff most girls won’t even consider.  So, in keeping up with this, I decided to watch the premiere of Spike TV’s newest comedy “Blue Mountain State”. About five minutes in,  all I could muster was “Wow”.  I immediately likened it to the “Van Wilder” movies or “Varsity Blues” on crack. This show takes every college TV show and movie you have ever seen and bundles it into one half hour of  nonstop sex, drinking and football. (I assume I have your attention now?)

Before I begin, a little background for those of you who live under a rock and haven’t seen Spike’s heavy promotion for Blue Mountain State. BMS follows three college freshmen who attend Blue Mountain State College. Two of the three are on the BMS football team ”The Goats” – Alex (Darin Brooks) and Craig (Sam Jones III, you may remember him as Pete from Smallville). Rounding out the three is the trusty sidekick/Alex’s BFF Sammy (Romanski) whose goal is to become the Goat’s mascot.

The show revolves around these guys adapting to college life while juggling football, (mostly) naked girls, team hazing and maybe (at some point) classes. We quickly meet some of the supporting characters, most importantly:

Team Captain and Linebacker Thad (Alan Ritchson):  the oddest character on this show, and I cannot wait to see where they are going with him.  He heads the hazing rituals, which is all “pretty gay” and is obviously the lead bad guy to our three newbies.

Craig’s gold-digging “B” of a girlfriend Denise (Gabrielle Dennis): easily the most annoying character to me, as you will all probably agree after watching. As her main goal is to get Craig to the NFL (to get that money, money, yeah, yeah), she has a no-sex policy with Craig, as “all the testosterone makes him play better.”

 We also meet Coach Marty Daniels (Ed Marinaro) quickly, and he seems to have good one-liners that will be funny additions to the show. I wanted to see more of him, as the coaches usually have some of the best material in these kinds of shows.

Ok, now onto the short recap. We got two back to back episodes to sink our teeth into (or maybe I should say fingers – more later.) Episode 101 was entitled “It's Called Hazing, Look It Up”. In this episode, we meet the characters and get to watch some funny hazing that includes shaving other teammates’ asses, and holding a book of teammates’ secrets without losing it under penalty of ass-whopping, and a Cookie Race – I won’t spoil that.

Episode 102 is called “Promise Ring”. When Craig loses the promise ring Denise gave him during a night out at a strip club, he goes on a hilarious search to find the ring, which he believes he lost in (yes, not a typo) a stripper before she learns that he lost it. Much hilarity ensues, and it culminates with a not-so-subtle “break-in”. I won’t ruin that either.

All in all, the show is a little over-the-top in terms of debauchery, but it is cable TV after all. While funny, there are some things I can live without personally, but I am sure a lot of you will love it just the way it is. I will probably give it a few more episodes before making a final judgment.

Side Note – I also really like the BMS theme song, which is ‘Hell Yeah' by Rev Theory.

For now: here are some quotes to get you interested:

Coach Daniels: “Where do we come from? FROM OUR FATHERS BALLS!” “Champions know they came from their father’s balls.”

“Once upon a time, some weak pathetic pussy coined the phrase “Winning isn't everything”. For most people in most situations, he was right. But I'm not one of those people and THIS is not one of those situations.”

Alex: “Your girlfriend sucks. She introduces you to accounting majors and then gives you shit for drinking a beer?”

“There is no way that girl is a virgin. Virgins don't go to state college, man. Wake the fuck up!”

“Never date the strippers, you don't take the painting from the museums”

You can catch Blue Mountain State Tuesdays on Spike TV at 10PM EST. Check your local listings, and find the first two episodes at https://www.spike.com/show/34560