As MTR's resident TV wondergirl, I have been keeping you all up to date on the fastly approaching Smallville movie event. Today, I have a new trailer for you, which brings back J'onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter) and Green Arrow, and features Hawkman, StarGirl and Doctor Fate.

Are you going to watch or set your DVR's? Feast your eyes on the trailer and comment:


  1. This sucked almost as much as Lana getting superpowers…Hawkman (the wimpy science guy from Stargate) trying to talk like Michael Keaton from Batman was ridiculous. The chick that played Stargirl looked like a can opener. And the fact that the Mr. Freeze kid could take on and kill superheroes was completely stupid. Is it just me or is the power to freeze stuff just about as dumb as a guy who has the power constantly shoot red energy from his eyes (unless of course he is wearing red sunglasses). Dr. Fate was about as cool as warm dog crap. I love Superman…but this show is now over-the-top stupid. I keep watching it thinking that they’ll eventually make Clark Superman but he’s been graduated from High School for 5 years and now he’s running around like Neo from the Matrix.

  2. It’s gonna suck, just like every other coulda-been-spectacular but sucked Smallville event has sucked. Still, I will watch it and groan about it after. This show should have ended 5 years ago.

    Also, black trenchcoat and black tee with the house of El crest scribbled on in chalk = FAIL.

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