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My Take On: Casting Spider-Man 4

For the last few weeks on MTR I have been discussing rumor casting choices for  Spider-Man 4. As of right now it seems that Dylan Baker will finally become The Lizard,but like always it's never 100% concrete and as of last week there have been rumors of Black Cat making her film debut and being played by Rachel McAdams which is good casting in my book. I personally think that keeping the film closer to the books in pivotal to avoid the debacle that was Spidey 3. If  you want to introduce characters then have a look at my suggestions.

Spidey's Rogues Gallery

Minor villains ( Didn't cast)- Should appear at the beginning of the films just to show them being caught and give them some screen time.Such as :

  • The Shocker
  • Beetle
  • Rhino
  • Speed Demon
  • Hammerhead
  • Mysterio

Now regarding main antagonists (cuz we know they won't go back to one)

  • Chameleon- A character that while not the most powerful would make a great secondary villain to work against Spider-Man. I would cast Tim Roth who played Abomination in the Hulk film
  • Hydro-Man ( Considered a secondary villain but for effects purposes can moved up the ladder)-Hydro-Man is a special effects wet dream (no pun intended).After the excellent work in bringing the Sandman to life I wouldn't mind seeing him on-screen just to see how they would pull it off. I would cast James Marsden for the role.
  • Kraven The Hunter- Kraven to me is a very well balanced foil for Spider-Man since he has no real powers but has keen hunting ability and feels Spidey makes for an excellent hunt. In using Kraven you can also use Chameleon as they are brothers and even toss in Kraven's love interest Calypso.   Before giving my casting choice I'd recommend Kraven get a costume update just cause his normal costume is a bit weak . Kraven-Tchéky Karyo or Benicio Del Toro and for Calypso-Salli Richardson. The actors I selected not only look close their comic counter parts but have the acting chops to give these characters depth.
  • Lizard- Dylan Baker already well on his way towards this character.
  • Morbius – You need a great screen presence to play the tortured living vampire . I had a decent list of guys that could play him and feel that Alexander Skarsgård while already cast as Eric Northman on Tru Blood would be actor to convey the best screen presence and also to appear imposing to Spidey
  • Scorpion- Jackie Earle Hartley screams Matt Gargan just on his look alone. After his great work in Watchmen I think this role would suit him. Scorpion was brought by Jonah Jameson in the books and as such could be brought into the film franchise the same way.
  • Tombstone- Tombstone is considered by most a 2nd tier character,but to me he adds a great dynamic that plays well with Peter Parker's relationship to fellow Daily Bugle employee Robbie Robertson. Tombstone- Micheal Jai White or Chiwetel Ejiofor. In case you are wondering about my cast choice note that Tombstone is african american and only looks white because of the accident he suffered in his origin story.
  • Vulture-Ahh good ole Vulture. A Spidey villain staple for years. Spider-Man has fought both young and old versions of the legendary character. It's hard to cast the senior citizen Vulture because it's a physical role and I am not sure an older actor would want to do it. I honestly would go with Ian McKellen or Patrick Stewart.
  • Alastair Smythe & The Spider Slayers – You'd need someone smart yet also physical for Smythe's spider slayer transformation. I'd go with Guy Pierce or Ewan McGregor on this one
  • Kingpin- In keeping with continuity I'd keep Micheal Clarke Duncan in the role since he plays it well and has the imposing frame to bring the character to life.
  • Electro –  One of  Spider-man's mainstays and all around pain in the ass. I'd go with Sam Rockwell

These are casting choices which “I” personally feel would work. Feel free to share your choices and/or comments.

  1. Vulture – Sir Ben Kingsley.. perfect Vulture.

    I agree The Lizard should be the next villain, and keep Dylan Baker (who has been playing Dr. Connors very well) as Dr. Connors/The Lizard.

    Where’s your pick for The Black Cat? I would put Eliza Dushku in that role.. though, I know some disagree with me.. but I would still put her there.

    And what if they stuck Bruce Campbell in the next film as an actual villain instead of a cameo.. say for — The Chameleon? Would be interesting :)… though, I think The Lizard and Black Cat would be just fine for Spider-Man 4.

    1. Dushku has a decent body, but at times, her face comes off as if she suffers from downs Syndrome.
      A good pick could be Elisha Cuthbert, she was on 24, and is a good looking lady who could fit the role nicely.
      Rumors circulating are that Anne Hatthaway will get it, who I feel is one of the ugliest women out now, with that big ass nose and box shaped face.
      Raimi kind of sucks at filling main women’s roles, as Kirsten Dunst is by far the biggest misinterpretation of Mary jane ever.
      Voluptuous fiery red head – bony blonde, yeah, good choice Raimi.
      Gwen Stacy was a great pick, but he should have just ignored the stacyy angle altogether, he could have used Bryce Howard for Black Cat even, she’s got a nice body and look for it.

      There are definitely a good chunk of ladies who can fit the role, but most aren’t too well known and the ones that are, well, Black cat needs to be properly casted or I’m gonna fucking rage.

  2. Although those are a good chunk of his main villains, a lot of them couldn’t hold down a movie for 2 hours.
    Black cat would be a must have, but we all know she’d end up turning face anyway, so the next movie would have to be riddled with Villains, enough to have Spidey need that help.
    I say it should be like the Revenge of the sinister six, where Spidey is constantly being bombarded by attacks throughout most of the movie, just non stop action, which is how those books tend to be.
    Spidey is the kind of guy to have to take on multiple people at once quite often, so it’d be good to see that on screen.
    I say start off the film with massive crimes in progress from the likes of Rhino, electro, Shocker, Scorpion, etc, with a small introduction.
    basically, they can say they all got their powers from a Kingpin experiment,w ho gives a shit?
    Anyway, Spidey goes to foil the crimes, one at a time, gets these guys locked up, has to deal with the black cat and turn her straight, she gets blackmailed by the kingpin to release all the dudes from prison, they take revenge on spidey, and he and the cat have to join to whoop some ass.(it’s a spin on the breakout storyline sans the Avengers). At the end, the can re-introduce Venom into the mix, that way he can take center stage as the main villain in the next one, hopefully played by someone imposing, Spidey’s villains usually look like wrestlers, which are terrible actors for these roles, but a guy like John Cena would be a great Venom or Rhino. In 5, he can fight Venom throughout, and at the end of that they can introduce Carnage, making part 6 all about maximum carnage, bringing back the black cat, possibly introducing some avengers in the movie , etc.
    Robert Knepper of prison break would be a spectacular Cletus Kassidy.

    Sorry…I rambled, but you gt my point.
    Also, Rachel MCAdams sucks, she’s not sexy at all, Black Cat needs to have quite the figure, someone like Scarlett Johannssen (though she’s in Iron Man as Black Widow) or Gretchen Mol , if they can make her look as hot as she did in “the Notorious Bettie paige”.
    I had an actress pegged for the role, can’t remember who was my pick, If I remember, I’ll let you know, but they better make this shit great.

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