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Super Mario Madness Is Back!

Just in time for the holidays, Nintendo pulls a winner out of its hat with New Super Mario Bros. Wii (their titles get worse & worse). Despite the dumb title and despite the fact that you have to save the princess for the billionth time since 1984 when SMB first hit arcades. I personally feel that Nintendo has dropped the ball by not milking this as some sort of 25th anniversery edition, but that is not up to me.

Mario, Luigi, Blue and Yellow Toad are out to save Princess Toadstool. The Toads have basically been thrown in to give four different characters for the various multiplayer modes, one of which is the main game. For the first time, Mario enthusiasts can enjoy the main story mode with up to three other friends and play simultaneously. Familiar power-ups return like the mini, super and 1UP mushrooms, fire flower, super star, Yoshis and the POW block. As with any Mario title, there has to be something new and this one does not disappoint: Ice Flowers, Penguin Suits, propeller mushrooms, propeller blocks and glow blocks (to light your way through caves). With six worlds of mushroom kingdom madness and multiplayer games to battle your friends in, this is a definite stocking stuffer if you did not pick it up yesterday (at Nintendo World) or at retail locations everywhere today! Three out of four My Take Radio staff members give it two big thumbs up (the fourht has not played it yet)!

For more info, go to Nintendo's dedicated site: https://mariobroswii.com/