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My Take On: iWOW 3D



Product Info:

Manufacturer : SRS Labs

Compatibility: iPad,iPod,iPhone

Connectivity: 30- pin dick connector

Price: MSRP: $59.99

Purchase Link:


Product Pictures:

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User Pictures:




My Take:

I was introduced to the products from SRS labs while attending the GDGT event in NYC. I was pleasantly surprised at the significant improvement of sound from my speakers when I plugged my iPad in. SRS definitely has come up with something revolutionary. The iWOW is for all intents and purposes idiot proof. You simply plug it into the dock connector and download the companion app and you are off to enjoy crisp sound on par with some of the top headphone manufacturers in the game today. While it is nice to see a dongle like this available for portable iOS devices I am curious to see what this device would do on a  larger platform. Imagine having something like the iWOW built into a home theater. The sound difference would honestly blow people away. I tested this unit with an iPod Nano (video version) for a week at the gym for some real world trials and was impressed not only with the iWOW’s durability but also with the fact that it fully blocked out the gym “sound track”. My nephew also tried it on his iPod touch and was blown away by the immersive sound from his standard issue headphones. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this unit did not come from the music but from movies. Movie sounds on the iPad were Bose quality. Every explosion was clear and filled with a level of base and clarity comparable to most home theaters. I used the iWOW to watch The Expendables and The Matrix at work and my coworkers could not believe that such a small add on could make that huge of a difference when it came to the sound of the films.



  • Ease of use
  • Works with older iPods
  • Companion app adds options and customization.
  • Immersive sound
  • Makes good headphones great



  • Cable has tendency to catch
  • Slight sound degradation at maximum volumes



After a lengthy testing period I have no problem recommending this add on to my friends and colleagues. It adds value to your existing headphones and provides great immersive sound. The only change I would make to the iWOW is to do away with the cable and just make it a small dongle similar to the Bluetooth style add on. This would prevent degradation of the cable and make the addition of the unit more seamless when used with an iPod or other iOS device. If you want to take the enjoyment of you music and movies to another level then do yourselves a favor and pick this up.