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MTR Visits The Capcom NYC Fight Club


Last Thursday MTR was invited to attend the Capcom NY Fight Club event by our partners Unveil NYC. Upon arrival to the venue we were greeted with a line that spanned an entire block.


I met up with Stephen from Unveil and Rob from R0bSkiiTV  whom I was meeting for the first time. After collecting our VIP wristbands we made our way into the venue which actually fairly huge. Even though the event started at 6pm there were wall to wall people already playing Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Look further down the room we also saw stations for Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and also Street Fighter for the DS.


With the thousands of fight fans in attendance we had to make a few trips outside to escape from the heat and from the occasional B.O Bandits who forgot to throw some deodorant on. Security was in full swing at this point ensuring that no one cut the line or pulled any shenanigans. By our third trip outside we met up with Andrew from The Show Radio and Faro from Empire State Gamer who I was meeting for the 1st time as well.  After exchanging some pleasantries I made my through the room to say hello to one our friends from Gamer Fit Nation and to take a few pictures.


I also got to meet one our previous guests who not only competed at this years EVO event but also represented MTR and Unveil and that’s our friend Noel Brown who also took a few minutes to pose for some pics before getting some play time in.


As the night winded down I got to get some play time in with both Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. I am sure you guys are curious as to how they played so I will break each title down with some bullet points. We’ll start with Street Fighter X Tekken.

Street Fighter X Tekken

  • Street Fighter character projectiles seemed slower
  • Tagging acts are essential
  • Certain character combinations yield some incredible damage with tag team ultra moves
  • Chain characters like King, Marduk and Nina work surprisingly well
  • Yoshimitsu is very powerful
  • Street Fighter X Tekken will have its own tournament stick which we saw at the event

and now here are some pictures



Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  • Dr. Strange is extremely versatile and powerful . May even replace Phoenix as the most dangerous character
  • Nemesis is huge and about as tall Sentinel
  • Certain characters were not available in the fight night build
  • Revised character select screen that has the potential for more characters if you “turn” the page
  • Ghost Rider is a welcome addition.
  • Hawkeye’s ultra with Ant-Man is a great easter egg.
  • Existing characters have new color combinations.

Here are some pics for you guys to see for yourselves


Lastly we had quite a few cosplayers in attendance showing off their cool costumes. They joined the ladies that worked the stage areas of the events. I have to commend those ladies for stand and posing for hours on end with hundreds of fight fans.


MTR would like to thank Stephen from Unveil and Chosen 1 for extending us the invitation to this awesome event. Chosen 1 put in a lot of work as the emcee for the event keeping the crowd hype. I would also like to thank the Capcom staff for their hospitality and for making us feel welcome.


From Left to Right- R0bSkii ( RobSkii TV), Chosen 1, and Stephen “Big Boss from Unveil.

It was great meeting so many fellow fight fans. The camaraderie I witnessed and the cool individuals I met made the trip worth it.

Take us out R0bSkii!!!

Credit: R0bSkii