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My Take On: Skyfall

Spoiler Free Plot Synopsis

James Bond must confront a threat from M’s past that will stop at nothing to destroy her. The closer Bond gets towards stopping this threat, the more of himself he will need to sacrifice in order to get the job done.

Kick Ass Moments:





Source: Trailer Addict

My Take:

After the extremely sub par Quantum of Solace, I was concerned that the Bond series had lost its direction. Sam Mendes and Neal Purvis gave us a flawed and aging Bond that was not over the top and above all else continued to humanize the killing machine that is 007. Bond was stripped not only of his cold ruthless exterior, but also of his indestructible nature which is something Casino Royale did an amazing job with as well. Daniel Craig continues making a case for himself as one of the best Bond actors and I can see why so many people share my sentiment. Throughout the movie the relationship between Bond and M was always an underlying issue, and at the film's climax it brought their story full circle. I commend the writer for making their relationship deeper and more involved than in past 007 films.

Every Bond film needs a memorable villain and Javier Bardem played his part of Silva to perfection . Silva not only carried himself as the anti-Bond, but also reminded audiences about the power of subtlety that has been the trademark of great Bond villains throughout the series. Silva’s dialogue with Bond always seemed to be a sing-song delivery sprinkled with disdain and jealousy that came off more devious than I would have expected.  Bardem created another memorable villain much like Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men. While some theater-goers found issue with the character's flamboyant look and delivery, I personally felt it added depth to the character and gave Bardem a chance to flex his acting chops while keeping his Spanish roots tied to the character.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw scenes with Bond and Q throughout the trailers because I was not sure a younger Q would work. After seeing it on the big screen, I will admit, I was wrong in that assumption. The dynamic of Bond and Q continued the theme of new school vs. old school that was reinforced at various points throughout the film. Desmond Llewelyn would have appreciated the insistence of Bond returning his equipment in one piece made by the younger Q.



I went into Skyfall with the hopes that it would be a quality film on par with Casino Royale and I am pleased to say that it has surpassed those expectations in every way. From the less-is-more approach to the many subtle nods to past Bond adventures, Skyfall gave audiences all the signature Bond touches as well as a glimpse into James Bond’s backstory which is something few films have done. I cannot recommend this film enough not only as a Bond fan but as an action movie buff. Make it a point to try to see it in IMAX as I feel that presentation delivers the best experience.


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