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My Take On: Street Fighter X Tekken [XBOX 360]



Publisher: Capcom

Console: Xbox 360,PS3, PS Vita, PC

Genre: Fighting



The mysterious Pandora’s box brings two of the fighting genre’s standout franchises together in battle to see which franchise has the better fighters. Each of the participants in the quest for Pandora have reasons they seek to harness power. Some seek it to test themselves while others have more devious intentions.



SF x T uses the similar style of SSF4 but with some additional tweaks. Tekken character resemble their 3D counterparts but look at home exchanging attacks with the Street Fighter cast. I really admire the work put into certain characters as it showed that Capcom wanted to make them flawless. Little things like Heihachi’s scars from his battles with Kazuya  to Kazuya’s clearly visible glowing eye were showcased well by the Capcom design team. Some characters seemed a bit exaggerated but no more than characters like Hakan.



Since SF x T was done in the Capcom style you knew that a six button control scheme was to be expected.  Tekken fighters had some of their chain combos available as well and served to balance out the controls quite well.  New attacks added were Cross attacks,Cross Ultras, Cross Assault and the Pandora technique. Overall the control s were accessible very quickly and special attacks were accomplished with minimal if any issues. Street Fighter players will take to the controls quickly  and Tekken players will have very little difficulty adapting. I doubt they miss the block button. As for the added the gem system it really did not bother me at all but it does look like something that people online will abuse. I am sure the gems will not be used in pro tournaments. The Pandora attack is actually one of the more interesting additions due to it being a huge gamble. Sacrifice your teammate to increase attack power yet risk losing the battle if you can't defeat the opponent before time runs out. Use Pandora wisely!



Online matches were done in the typical SSF4 style and with the addition of four player tag matches  the level of competitiveness increases quite a bit. On the Xbox I been experiencing terrible in-game audio which as of this review still has not been addressed by Capcom. While it does not affect controls it does detract from the over enjoyment of the game. I sincerely hope that amongst the on disc DLC we have a fix for this rather annoying issue.



As a fighting game fan my inner fanboy enjoys the concept of this title but there definitely are some annoyances as well. Boss battles are hit and miss much like fights with Seth in SSF4 but not to the point of breaking your controller. As I mentioned previously  many fans are upset over the additional roster members (Sakura,Blanka,Guy,Cody,Elena and Dudley on the SF side and Lars,Alisa,Bryan,Jack-X,Christie and Lei for Tekken and the exclusive Mega Man and Pac-Man) locked via DLC. Capcom has not made any friends with this approach on the contrary gamers are tired of getting nickel and dimed as we’ve seen with SSF4 and UMvC3 which have received countless paid updates as well as retail re-release.


Should you buy it?

If you are a fighting game enthusiast then this is a no brainer but I would recommend either waiting for a complete edition or risk having a $60 game cost you an extra $10-$20 with DLC.