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My Take On: The Cape –Episode 3 “Kozmo”

In this episode, we get to meet yet another character, learn a story, and possibly figure out a major “secret”.

Our new character (for this episode at least) is a con named Gregor Molotov, or Gregor the Great – we first see him escaping a Russian prision, killing a bunch of guards.

Guess where we see him the second time? In the circus o’ friends of course! He wants the cape back – and comes to Max to get it. Here is the backstory we learn about this damn cape. The cape has been handed down from magician to magician – and they all called themselves “Kozmo the Unkillable”. Gregor used to be Max's protege in the ways of the cape. (Gee, slight resembelance to him and Vince, eh?) But, as you can guess, the power of the cape brought out Gregor's dark side, and he turned to murder and crime before Max took it away from him and got him arrested. Now he wants it to continue killing people. Let's invite this guy to Christmas dinner folks.

Some shenanigans happen in Gregor's attempt to get the cape back -which he does. Apparently Gregor was a master at cape-fighting. However, during a lackluster fight between him and Vince, our good guy holds his own. Yawn….and Vince wins…..yawn. Hooray! Nice to have met you Gregor – have a nice life.

Also, in this episode, we find out that Orwell's fancy-schmancy hideout gets found out – and subsequently blown up. She has no other alternative than to come stay in the circus for a while. At least she has more stuff to do now. I felt that with all of the hype for Summer Glau being on this show, it didn't seem like she got that much screentime the past two episodes. Her interactions with the circus dwellers will surely make for some interesting side time.

Now for our possible secret. If you have been watching, I am sure you have thought as I have, that Orwell has a deeper investment in all of this. A reason for going after Fleming and his dirty cops. A reason to help Vince win his life back. Well, here are some dots for you to connect:

  • Orwell has money. Seriously, that car, the mega-fancy computer. I’m sure her clothes cost more than mine too.
  • Fleming has money. Lots of it.
  • He also has a jewelry / music box which opens to a dancing ballerina that he longingly looks at. Something’s missing…he wants to find his daughter…

Umm……come on! Anyone paying attention has figured out that Orwell is obviously Fleming’s daughter! I am quite disappointed with such an easy reveal. Unless of course, they throw a curveball at us smarty-pants viewers. I’d actually welcome it, since I guessed it so quickly. I hope this doesn't lead down the road of Orwell hating her Papa Fleming becuase his badness did something to her mother and she wants to avenge her. Too easy.

Hit the comments and discuss where you think The Cape is headed. By the not good ratings, I’d say we may have a limited run of this show, so gobble it up while you still can.