Now that the Nintendo 3DS is available for pre-order and has a price of $249.99, the question I am hearing the most is will it sell? That $250 number seems to stop people in their tracks. Is $250 too much for to pay for a portable game console? Of course it’s not and the people who think the price is too high are either cheap or very cheap. What gamer doesn’t want a sleek new piece of hardware that lets you play video games in 3D without wearing glasses on the go? None, but this is not really what I wanted to address in this post, and I will save it for the future.

3DS looks to reinvent some old favorites

The question is will it sell? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Nintendo is going to sell millions of these things! It has no competition in the luxury portable category and its 3D technology makes it unique. It has a very strong lineup of launch titles, including two Mario games, a Metal Gear title, and Street Fighter IV. I am certain that pre-orders are going to sell out quickly and if you want a 3DS, which you do, you should pre-order it now. Actually, you should pre-order two because when this thing comes out, you will most likely be able to sell one on eBay for $500 which covers your cost for both units and you can brag to your friends about how you got yours for free. You are so smart.

On a side note, I find it ironic that Paper Mario is in 3D. Also, I think I just made up “luxury portable category,” and if that is true, I call trademark.


  1. It’s gonna be the Wii all over again. My conscience prevents me from buying multiple and selling them on eBay, but I am not gonna knock anyone else for doing it. I’ll give myself til the launch of Pokémon Black/White to decide if I will buy this thing. Nintendo is gonna have a frickin’ bookend month full o’ money!

    3/6/11 – launch of Pokémon Black & White
    3/27/11 – launch of Nintendo 3DS

    first and last Sunday of March. If a picture described how the big N will g off in March it would be the scene from Super Mario Sunshine when he gets a Shine (Shine Get) except it would be a dollar sign and the text would say “BANK GET!!”

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