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My Take On: The Spike TV Video Game Awards

This past weekend we were treated to the annual awards/game trailer fest known as the VGA’s which this year were hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.Rather than bore you all with a segment by segment recap of all the awkward skits,exchanges and dialogue I figured I’d just share the trailers along with my thoughts on each and close out with my thoughts on the event overall.  Let’s start with the trailers shall we?

Batman: Arkham City

Hugo Strange has a bat problem

Batman vs Sam Fisher lol. I really am looking forward to seeing what they do with Hugo Strange since his character uses a more psychological approach.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Bethesda looks to make you not move from your TV for awhile.

I was never a big RPG player with the exception of Final Fantasy VII. Given all the good things I heard about Oblivion I know this will be another epic seller for Bethesda.

Forza 4

GT5 better watch its back

I am not a fan of racing sims. I am more an NFS,Burnout type of player but much like GT5 I know many are looking forward to playing this newest installment. I am also hearing rumors of Kinect connectivity which am dying to see in action.



As soon as I heard Guillermo del Toro was involved in with this title I knew I would be seeing some weird shit. While this trailer showed zero gameplay or footage the buzz it generated has got my interest.

Mass Effect 3


With multiplatform releases and multiplayer functionality all I have to say get ready for Dat Mass!!!

Mortal Kombat


With a return to its roots and guest cameos on both Xbox360 and PS3 does Mortal Kombat have the formula to return to prominence in the fighting game genre? I don’t know but I can tell you that I am getting the PS3 version and whopping some ass with Kratos. Makes you wonder who the 360 gamers are getting?

Prototype 2


I just recently returned Prototype 1 to Gamefly when I heard two was being announced. This time the protagonist is out to destory Alex Mercer who was the main character in the first game. I really like the concept of this series and the well executed parkour moves and deep story are things I hope to continue seeing in this new installment.

Resistance 3


Oh look!!! Live action trailer with gameplay footage . Never like FPS games on the PS3 so I will just let you guys enjoy the trailer.

SSX: Deadly Decents


Is this a snowboarding game or a new Call Of Duty? Nice visuals but if the title wasn’t given I would have thought this another COD.

Thor: God Of Thunder

Nice helmet hair Thor. With a the track record for games based on movies being quite shitty I expect this game to suck much like  the others. I hope I am wrong

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Every game in this series has kicked ass and I know this one won’t disappoint.

My Take: While the presenters were aimlessly following the teleprompter and delivering terrible jokes the main reason people watched this event was for the trailers. I really didn’t care who hosted it. There were some high points with Neil Patrick Harris but in the end most people were not happy with the games that won awards or the presenters who gave them out. The obligatory Oliva Munn appearance did little to salvage this show. The news the viewership has dropped comes as no surprise only because even me a diehard gamer,nerd and Spike TV supported couldn’t be bothered. What do you guys think can make this event better? and What game are you looking forward to the most.