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My Take On: Wonder Woman’s TV Costume

With the end of Smallville rapidly approaching it was obvious that networks were looking for the next comic book series to bring to the small screen.  With shows like The Cape on television I knew that finding a fitting replacement for Smallville was no easy feat. Why networks have not tried a young Batman series puzzles me. A part of me knows that networks would bastardize and ruin it much like  Smallville and Heroes.

Wonder Woman initially was slated to a big screen feature but the concept never seemed to take off. Wonder Woman instead was given the small screen treatment which doesn’t seem too promising given the plot that’s been making the rounds and some of the casting choices as well. The big hubbub today was Adrianne Palicki in full Wonder Woman garb. Check out the pictures of her in costume compared to her comic book counterpart.


Do you guys think that the costume is really that bad? What would you like to see different? Share your comments below