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My Take Radio Announces Partnership With Unveil NYC



(Queens, New York)  June 16, 2011 – My Take Radio and Unveil NYC today announced a new partnership that allows Unveil and MTR to pool their resources and talent to deliver a unique variety of entertainment to gamers, mixed martial arts & wrestling fans and of course, movie, tech and comic fans as well. My Take Radio is excited about the wealth of opportunities available by working with Unveil NYC. As two diverse brands, we offer our unique fan base a plethora of entertainment and felt it would be beneficial to unite our respective fans under one umbrella. When asked how many fighters and wrestlers call themselves gamers, My Take Radio’s creator and host, Richard Butler answered,  “There are more than a few people that regularly talk about their love of gaming, and I see that the genres cross over quite frequently“. In addition to this carryover of interests, we see plenty of gamers that appreciate MMA and pro wrestling as well.

In our partnership with Unveil, you can expect the same continued product from My Take Radio, but with more varied offerings, such as pro gamer interviews, musical spotlights in future broadcasts, and a larger amount of coverage spanning our core topics. MTR talent will work hand in hand with Unveil to expand the reach of their brand as well by offering coverage of all Unveil NYC events via mytakeradio.com, both MTR applications (available on iOS and Android) as well as the MTR YouTube channel. Merchandise for our respective brands will be available very soon. My Take Radio and Unveil NYC look forward to changing the way our fans see and hear about their respective interests. The future of My Take Radio has been Unveiled!


About Unveil:

Known as “The Production, Design & Minds of Tomorrow”, Unveil NYC was founded by Stephen Cosentino a/k/a “BigBoss” in 2008. Unveil NYC was created and crafted to sponsor & support gaming, clothing and music. Unveil NYC shows their unique work and support through their gamers, musicians, the work of talented partners and at live events. Unveil NYC excels to be the most creative, productive, & passionate production company to ever come out of NYC.


About My Take Radio:

Founded in 2006 by Richard Butler, My Take Radio took an extended hiatus and returned in 2009 with a live call-in format with continued coverage of mixed martial arts, wrestling , video games and movies that audiences have come to embrace. Since launching the live call-in format, My Take Radio is now heard globally each week. We have had the privilege of speaking in depth with stars across the board (gaming, films, MMA, wrestling and TV), with each sharing their thoughts and experiences with Rich and the MTR audience. My Take Radio has proudly embraced social media and has its presence established on sites such Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and GetGlue. My Take Radio can be heard live every Thursday on the Blog Talk Radio Network and also via Zune Marketplace and iTunes. Listeners also have the option of getting My Take Radio content via apps available on the Android and iTunes marketplaces. For more information on My Take Radio visit www.MyTakeRadio.com.