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MTR Visits The MMA Pulse Podcast


As many of you know My Take Radio and MMA Valor have been content partners for a long time. During our time as content partners we have both grown our respective brands  with innovative approaches to interact with our audience. Josh Wood has taken MMA Valor to the next level with the birth of The MMA Pulse Podcast as well as the The MMA Heartbeat Podcast which focuses on interviews with many of the mixed martials arts unique personalities. Josh alongside his co-host Dan Rose bring you the same honest and fluff free approach to their show that make MMA Valor a great source for MMA news and opinions.  Josh was kind enough to invite me on as his first guest on the MMA Pulse to discuss UFC 131, The TUF finale and a few other stories. Do yourselves a favor and check them out and enjoy some honest and insightful commentary on the sport of MMA.


The MMA Pulse and MMA Heartbeat shows are available on iTunes and on MMAValor.com

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