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My Take Radio Debuts On The GFQ Network

(Queens, New York)  May 30, 2013 – My Take Radio is happy to announce that it will be debuting on The GFQ Network starting tonight with MTR Episode 186 at 11pm ET/ 8pm PT.  Listeners were first introduced to GFQ when Rich interviewed their CEO Andrew Zarian on MTR: Behind The Mic, and since that episode MTR and GFQ had worked together on various projects including coverage of the AT&T Innovation Event and Blog World 2012.  While GFQ is synonymous with video content, we will be debuting as audio only for the time being – but rest assured MTR will be broadcast with video very soon. Feel free to stop by the listen page to see both the GFQ player and chat that we will be using going forward. While you’re there, stick around and check out some of GFQ’s great shows including What The Tech, The Chaunce Hayden Show, Behind The Counter, Mat Men, Lunatic Radio , T4 Show and The Bald Truth just to name a few.


About GFQ:

Guys from Queens Network Inc (GFQ Network) has rapidly become one of  the leading producers of “talk-radio” style Internet programing. Each of GFQ’s shows are produced live within their Queens, NYC  headquarters and consists of numerous long-running web-based programming.

GFQ was founded and created by Andrew Zarian in April 2009. Since then, it has grown substantially and now boasts over a dozen more people on their creative team who host and contribute to their various podcasts and live Internet broadcasts. Each show can be seen live on our website,  GFQlive.tv and can be downloaded as an Audio/Video podcast from the GFQ Network website.

GFQ's passionate and creative team of hosts are made up of a wide range of authors, comedians, futurists, broadcasters, and podcasting experts who deliver high quality programming each day. GFQ covers everything from news, pop-culture, technology, opinion, and entertainment on a daily basis.

You can Follow the GFQ Network on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


About My Take Radio:

Founded in 2006 by Richard Butler, My Take Radio took an extended hiatus and returned in 2009 with a live call-in format with continued coverage of mixed martial arts, wrestling , video games and movies that audiences have come to embrace. Since launching the live call-in format, My Take Radio is now heard globally each week. MTR has had the privilege of speaking in depth with stars across the board (gaming, films, MMA, wrestling and TV), with each sharing their thoughts and experiences with Rich and the MTR audience. My Take Radio has proudly embraced social media and has its presence established on sites such Twitter, Facebook and GetGlue. My Take Radio can be heard live every Thursday on the Blog Talk Radio Network and Mixlr with archives available on Stitcher, Tune In Radio and iTunes. Listeners also have the option of getting My Take Radio content via apps available on the Android and iTunes marketplaces. For more information on My Take Radio visit www.MyTakeRadio.com.