Our final live shows for August will be on 8/24 & 8/25. My Take Radio will be taking a one week break at the end of the month and will be back on air 9/7 & 9/8.  When MTR returns it will be with a new start time. Live broadcasts will now start at [11:30]PM ET/ [8:30]PM PT going forward. While there may be occasional airings at 11PM the [11:30]PM timeslot is easier to manage.

If you are unable to catch the live shows due to the schedule change you can always find the archives here on the site or on iTunes, Stitcher, and Tune-In Radio within 24-48 hours after the live broadcast. Video archives can also be found on our YouTube channel.

Editor in Chief of R.A.G.E. Works and host of My Take Radio. When not yelling into a microphone on air Rich can be found tinkering on the site and ensuring that the gears of RAGE Works run smoothly.