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Make Your Own Black Friday

With Black Friday just over a week away, stores are already leaking deals and supposed savings (they really are not as great as you'd hope). In all honesty, the best deals are the ones you make and you find on your own outside of those wait in the cold, doorbuster spectaculars. I am much more excited about what is happening this week and after BF than the “sale of the year” itself. Today is a big day for almost anyone that wants to add to their collection. Here is just a few of the new titles that release today or within the last few days:

New Super Mario Bros Wii

Star Trek (2009, blu-ray & DVD)

Fight Club (new to blu-ray)

Brüno (blu-ray & DVD)

Gone With the Wind (ultimate collector's ed. blu-ray)

Tony Hawk Ride (Wii)

Assassin's Creed II (PS3, 360 & PSP)

God of War collection (PS3)

Left 4 Dead 2 (360, PC)

Lego Indiana Jones 2 (multi)

That is not even to mention the deals available on items that are already out. The bottom line is that it's a big holiday, possibly the biggest since the Wii/PS3 holiday of 2006 and despite the recession, retailers are not being as generous as they have been in the past with Black Friday. Look for coupons, shop around and be educated on what you want to buy, even if it is just media. Savings are out there, prices are only high because retailers know we will pay them.

Case in point: Star Trek on Blu-Ray is $23.99 at Best Buy; $20.99 if you pick it up between 10-noon today only. Target has the same set for $19.99, all week. Tell Best Buy to go suck a fat one and save you some money. Maybe next time they will lower their price if we all go to Target for such a big release. Best Buy can never say they are not in competition with Target because if you look – 8 times out of 10, you see that big red bul's eye right next to that big yellow price tag. We as consumers can make these places lower their prices if we shop smart.