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Netflix Queue Review: Drive

Finally got around to pulling the trigger on the Netflix Queue reviews. Much like our Gamefly reviews these will be short and sweet. You will see some newer films as well as some older ones getting reviewed. I decided to go with Drive for our 1st NQR since it’s a film a lot of people loved but was also hated by a few as well. Drive is the tale of a mysterious stuntman, mechanic and getaway driver who gets in way over his head while trying to help out his neighbor.


  • Excellent casting right down to the always solid Bryan Cranston
  • One of the most notable high points in this film was the excellent soundtrack. It had shades of GTA and a strong 80’s influence.
  • Well done brutality that was not over the top or overly phony.  The scene in the motel involving Christina Hendricks was insane and sadly I can’t find a clip that does it justice.
  • Albert Brooks had tremendous intensity that was not forced. He was a genuine bad ass even alongside Ron Perlman.



  • The pacing of the film felt disjointed and at times you’ll want to stop watching the film due to how slow it appears to going
  • The many silences of Ryan Gosling.
  • There were multiple times when the sounds and effects overpowered the dialogue. I found myself maxing out the volume to hear the dialogue clearly.
  • The art house style may turn off people who are expecting something like Fast & Furious.


  • The ending was a huge WTF moment only because it was abrupt and felt open-ended.