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Netflix Viewers Will Be Taking Another Trip To Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove was Netflix’s second attempt at an original series and after watching all 13 episodes I came away with more questions than answers. I honestly felt let down with regards to certain character's fates. The show did not suck don’t misunderstand me, but there were substantial flaws in it's first outing. I do have some praise for the werewolf transformations which were extremely impressive to watch, especially with the many elements “borrowed” from American Werewolf in London. Season Two of the series was announced on the Hemlock Grove FB fan page earlier today. I can only hope that Season Two fixes the flaws of the first 13 episodes as well as sheds some light on certain aspects of the stories that fell through the cracks.  The second season should arrive in 2014. What did you guys think of Hemlock Grove? Will you tune back in to see what comes next? Share your thoughts in the comments.