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A New Infinity Gauntlet Saga Teased by Marvel?


When I discuss comics with new readers I always try to give them a list of must read arcs and/or graphic novels to get them started.The Infinity Gauntlet is always at the top of those lists since it was a truly well written and well drawn saga with memorable moments and memorable covers. That arc not only created an amazing story but put a ton of characters on the map including characters like Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer. As Marvel continues to tease the return of these classic stories I am curious as to how characters like Star-Lord and the Nova Force would fit into the overall narrative. Thanos is always an interesting villain and one who can be a catalyst for big changes in overall Marvel continuity but will fans be as welcoming to an Infinity Gauntlet saga when Marvel is teasing so many other memorable arcs? The other thing to consider is if these events will tie into the cinematic universe to some degree.