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R.I.P Nintendo Power 1988 – 2012


The end of the greatest gaming magazines of all time has really hit me hard ladies and gentlemen. For the past 10 years I've enjoyed reading Nintendo Power. The early 2000’s were the dog days of the internet for me. Now, any 7-year-old can jump on their iPod and find everything they wanted to know about a game. For me, my info came from Nintendo Power. I would search through my multiple issues, just to find the article that said the date that “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker” would release. Reading my first issue (E3 2002) I became hooked and instantly ordered a monthly subscription.

Mario Sunshine, Zelda, Viewtiful Joe, Resident Evil 4, The DS, The Wii, Nintendo Power would reveal all. Nintendo Power was my IGN back in the day.  But due to the rise of the internet, and the decline of magazines, Nintendo Power has finally been cancelled. Does it come as a shock to me? No, absolutely not. Even I will admit, I take about 15 minutes to read my new issues of Nintendo Power, because quite frankly, I read all their “news” by now. Old news isn't news, but I had to keep getting it, it’s part of my child hood. Maybe Nintendo Power will be resurrected via digital distribution like EGM, but I wont buy it. There is something special about holding the actually magazine in your hand and seeing the kick ass subscriber only cover art that was made specifically for Nintendo Power.  But I wont sit here and cry because of the end of a magazine, I have every single copy I've ever owned since issue 160, so every now and then I will look back at them with a nostalgic smile. Rest in Peace NP, you deserve it.