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The Office Is Reaching It’s Climax…That’s What She Said!


Get ready to say goodbye to Dunder Mifflin folks: The Office executive producer Greg Daniels has revealed that the long-running comedy will wrap in May after nine seasons. I’m not too sad about the news: since the departure of Steve Carell, the show has not been the same. Rainn Wilson has lost a step, and sorry, Ed Helms is just not funny. I feel they tried to hard to reboot with new blood, but I honestly loathed James Spader as Robert California. The show run its course, and I hope they give us some good laughs for our remaining time in Scranton.

To remember the funny times, I’d like to share my Top 5 favorite moments / things about The Office:

1. Dwight’s Fire Preparedness. My favorite!! Save Bandit!

2. All of the “That’s What She Said (s)”…

3. Jim vs. Dwight. Need I say more?

Special Mention:

4. The machine knows!

5. Jim & Pam’s Wedding Party Dance. I think of this every time I hear this song. Screw you, Chris Brown!

There are so many more I cannot think of right now. The shenanigans of Michael Scott alone can fill a list. (Prison Mike anyone?) What have been your favorite moments of The Office? Are you sad to see it go or do you agree with me that it is time to hit the road? Let me know in the comments.