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Nintendo Captures Top Selling Console Honors For October 2017

As 2018 comes to a close the console wars are heating up with companies making their final push into the holiday season. Nintendo has been quietly capturing the console market thanks to Nintendo Switch and Super NES Classic. In a piece recently published by The Toybook, it was reported that the Nintendo Switch was the best selling hardware platform for the month of October. The success of the Nintendo Switch and Super NES Classic have pushed overall hardware sales 10% versus this time last year.

While Nintendo has been winning the battle the PS4 continues to win the war as it is the best selling hardware platform year to date.  The overall hardware spending has spiked to $2.3 billion which a 19% increase versus this time last year. Nintendo and Sony have been huge drivers of that increase and it shows as retailers continue to see Nintendo hardware fly off shelves and PlayStation 4 units both Pro and standard selling at a brisk pace.

It's not all about hardware for Nintendo either as their software was hit some milestones as well. The recently released Super Mario Odyssey hit the number 3 on the all platforms game sales chart. The Toybook stated that Super Mario drove the third highest launch month in packages software sale for a Mario title following classics like New Super Mario Bros Wii and Super Mario Galaxy.

Do you guys feel the Nintendo Switch will dethrone overall sales in 2018? I am curious to hear what you think. Sound off in the comments below.