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NN2D Review: Boss Fight Studio “Bucky O’Hare” Bruiser Figure

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The folks at Boss Fight Studio brought Bucky O'Hare and his universe of characters to a new audience. Our partners at Nerd News Today have reviewed a few figures from the line including, the latest figure of Righteous Indignation crew member Bruiser The Betelgusian Berserker Baboon. If you were a fan of the Bucky O'Hare series and the characters, you'll want to check out this review.

If you grew up in the '80s, then the name Bucky O' Hare should ring a bell for a few different reasons, including comics, a video game, and a cartoon. Larry Hama and Michael Golden created Bucky O'Hare in the late 70s with a comic book series hitting shelves in the 80s. The comic book series lead to the creation of the Bucky O' Hare and the Toad Wars animated series and a Bucky O' Hare video game that was released by Konami on the NES and in arcades.

To see a property like Bucky O' Hare from my childhood being introduced to a new audience of fans always puts a smile on my face. You can purchase the Bruiser figure directly from Boss Fight Studio by heading here. If you want any of the other characters from the line, you can buy them here. You can also ask your local comic book or specialty shop to carry Boss Fight Studios merch.

Did you watch Bucky O'Hare or read the comics? Let us know in the comments or let the NN2D crew know your thoughts via their YouTube channel. The NN2D team also reviewed some of the other figures from the line so make sure to check out those other reviews on their channel

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