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N2 Review of the Diamond Select Toys John Wick: Chapter One action figure.

NN2D Review: John Wick: Chapter One | Diamond Select Toys

A figure in a suit and tie, inspired by John Wick: Chapter One, is holding a gun.
Release Date
In Stores Now
7 Inches
Yuri Tming
Gentle Giant Studios

The John Wick franchise has developed a dedicated following over the course of the series three films and it was inevitable that we would start seeing collectibles based on the series. Our friends at Diamond Select brought the Baba Yaga to collectors with their first of many John Wick figures. Our partners at Nerd News Today got their hands on the first figure in the series based on Wick's look from the first film.

The seven-inch figure has over 20 points of articulation and includes his trusty dog along with plenty of guns and an assassin coin. The figure has a suggested retail price of $24.99. If you want to add Mr. Wick to your collection, you can pick it up from Amazon here or Entertainment Earth here. Diamond Select is also another destination where you can pick up the John Wick figure and of course any of your local comic book and specialty shops as well.

Did Diamond Select deliver with this John Wick action figure? Let us know in the comments or let the NN2D crew know your thoughts via their YouTube channel.

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