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N2D presents a review of the DC Gallery Flash statue.

NN2D Statue Review: DC Gallery Flash | Diamond Select

The DC Gallery Flash action figure gracefully riding a wave.
Release Date
In Stores Now
Diamond Select
Character Line
Sculpted By
Joe Menna
Suggested Retail Price
Buy DC Comic Gallery Flash

Our partners at Nerd News Today got their hands on the new Flash statue from Diamond Select's DC Comic Gallery line. Check out some pics below of the PVC diorama to go with the review.

Image Source: Diamond Select

This Flash PVC diorama comes in at 9 inches tall, and while the pose chosen for the diorama is debatable, the detailing on the statue itself is well done for the price point. Great design work by Caesar with sculpting by Joe Menna. The suggested retail price on this statue is $49.99.You can purchase this Flash statue directly from Diamond Select by heading here. You can also find it on Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

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