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One Hand Clapping Announcement Trailer

Come, sing a song of joy,
‘cuz HandyGames and Bad Dream Games will work as one.
Sing, sing a song, oh boy,
to bring you a game of musical fun.

It's a platformer, that's for sure, 
but the controls are a little obscure.
Don't be afraid, instead, rejoice,
you move and dance and solve riddles with your voice!

Face many puzzles while you play, 
but simply sing, and be on your way. 
Colorful environments and four hours of gameplay, 
you want to see a famous influencer try it? Well, you may: 

In One Hand Clapping, you roam through an artfully crafted 2D world and interact with your environment through your voice alone. You can yell, cry or sing as you encounter a variety of musical puzzles along the way, where the control over your voice becomes the key to solve them. The game offers a 4 hour long story campaign (that's more than 3 times longer than Beethoven's Symphony 9 or about 100 times longer than this week's number #1 in the Billboard charts “Old Town Road” from Lil Nas X), and 6 different biomes to discover in the world, such as the desert, the city or the sea. The game's Educational Mode will allow you to train your singing and learn more about voice control and music theory – if you become a famous singer because of our game, you'll owe us free tickets to your show!