SQUARE ENIX today announced that Tifa Lockhart from FINAL FANTASY VII is now a downloadable character in both DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT and DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Free Edition on the PS4 and STEAM. Tifa’s Starter Pack is available for $5.99 from the in-game store, with an additional appearance and weapon also available for purchase separately.

Tifa joins the ever-expanding playable roster today, bringing her powerful brawler playstyle to the game. As an Assassin character, Tifa moves quickly around the battlefield and damages enemies with fast hits with her fists. Tifa’s unique ‘Fever Time’ ability increases the number of attacks available after pulling off successful combos against enemies, whilst her EX Skill ‘Limit Break’ allows her to raise her and her teammates’ strength to help even the odds and overcome the toughest foes.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT - Tifa alternate dress
Tifa's alternate outfit

Additionally, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT players can download a special new appearance for the downloadable character Zenos yae Galvus for free from today until [11:59] A.M. EDT on August 7, 2019, on STEAM and [2:59] A.M. on August 8, 2019, for the PS4. This limited-time offer is made in celebration of the recent launch of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers, the latest expansion for the critically-acclaimed MMO, FINAL FANTASY XIV Online.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT - Zenos
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT * Zenos alternate
Zenos alternate outfit

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